Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Ganci Flanel

this is it!!!!!!ganci flanel ala flanelshop yunita,just like a zoo,there are many cute animals.if you want to take one of this animal in my zoo, just text me on 085748969153 or you can visit my fb in "flanelshop yunita".have a nice shopping sista... :)

Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

mini cute hp pouch

ini mini cute pouch yg q buat d tempat tanteq,,numpang jahit soalnya mesin jahitq rusak,,hihihihi
melasnya dirikuuu,, :(
gpp saking semangatnya mskpn jahitnya masih numpang tapi tetep bisa menghasilkan :).tidak ada yang menghambat kreatifitas kita selama kita mau berusah,,cie cie cie,,sok bijak.ok,ini pouch hp yg dibuat dari kain katun dengan lapisan busa dan kain untuk bagian dalamnya.

Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

toples hias natal

di penghujung tahun 2012 ada warna merah hijau yang mewarnai dunia flanelq. WHAT IS IT???? toples natal yg cantik. bulan desember, bulan akhir,akhir tahun, dan penghujung 2012 tetap memberikan aliran dana di rekeningq,,hehehehehe
g usah basa basi lagi deh ya,,,ini nih toples natal hasil kreasiq,,yo ayo yg mau order bisa langsung sms aku di 085748969153,,,have a nice shopping :)

Rabu, 26 Desember 2012


I don't know how long I leave my blog,,now time to creat the great things in my beloved blog,, :D
this time I will introduce my new brooches. it's really my favorite picture,the great picture that I have but the brooch is also the great brooch,, :)

This brooches are made from organdi ribbon,the shape is like the great rose and these have many colours. you can order by colour request. if u are interested in my brooches, you can text me on 085748969153, you can also visit my facebook " flanelshop yunita " to see my complete collections,,have a noce shopping :)

Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

ribbon brooch

these are my lovely brooch, brooch that has shape like a beautiful and colorfull flower. these brooches are made from ribbon, just simple materials but amazing result, this brooch is like simple brooch but this simple brooch can change your appereances to be more elegant and beautiful. so grab it fast guys, just text me on 085748969153, you can also visit my facebook to look for the other cute handicraft made by me,,heheheh,have a nice shopping sista &_*

cute pouch



this is it, the cute pouch ala yunita,,hehehehhe (syndrom ala chef). yupz this cute pouch is originally handmade by me, a cute pouch with many kinds of aplication that can you choose by yourselves, you can also add your name or something else in this pouch, really beautiful and cute. so let's creat your own cute pouch. if you are interested you can text me on 085748969153. you can also see the other kinds of my handicraft in my facebook "flanelshop yunita", hope you can find something interesting there,,,have a nice shopping.

Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

this is it,my new creation. fabric notebook cover. when I saw my book become old, I try to make it more beautiful, and this is the final, my creation for my lovely book. Actualliy this is just simple book, but really valuable book for me, that's why I don't want to see my book become old and finally broken,,heheheh
if you want sweet book like this, you can also order to me, just text me on 085748969153, thank you ^_^